Silicone Sex Dolls

large breasted female silicone sex doll

Silicone sex dolls – sex dolls are becoming more and more popular with the male customers seeking sexual pleasure from alternative sources. Gone the days of using male masturbates or fake vaginas. No, men need something more lifelike, therefore silicone sex dolls are a major player in the adult sex toy industry. Over 67% of male men questioned agreed that owning a silicone sex doll isn’t a taboo anymore.

Men surveyed stated that a silicone sex doll is now on par with what women use for sexual stimulation dildos and vibrators. Silicone sex dolls are the male alternative to a dildo or vibrator.

Yes, silicone sex dolls are pretty bulky and not easy to hide away from sight. Maybe if your wife sees that you have a silicone sex doll then maybe a few arguments may arise. We all know that as a man sexual desires and fantasizes must come first. This is where the silicone sex dolls come into play.


Sexual pleasure dolls

Most silicone sex dolls now come complete with everything you would expect from a real female body this includes the use of oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex all with a silicone sex dolls. More so the real feeling element comes into play with the realistic feeling silicone that feels just like the human skin on contact with the hand, giving the user a very realistic sexual experience.

Many silicone sex dolls also feature an internal aluminum skeleton frame. Aluminium skeleton frames keep the silicone sex doll in place and allow for the user to position the silicone sex doll in whatever way they wish. Therefore giving the silicone sex doll an even more realistic feeling when engaging in ‘love’ making or though some may say that you cannot make love to a silicone sex doll. But it is dependant on the user and how they feel when making love to heir own silicone sex doll.

Silicone sex doll sizes

Silicone sex dolls come in a variety of different heights, colors and facial characteristics all are based on the same concept silicone sex dolls. Each silicone sex doll comes in different heights 100cm, 145cm, 155cm or 160cm, 160cm being the tallest sex doll. 160cm sex doll usually the height of the average tall woman. Meaning she has a much more realistic look to her when engaging in sexual activity.

Controversy around sex dolls

Controversially the 100cm sex doll is smaller the same height as a child and this has caused outrage amongst some groups of people who deem this type of height to be encouraging unwanted sexual exploitation. This, of course, is a serious matter and silicone sex dolls should never ever replicate a child as this is totally disgusting and immoral. But this hasn’t stopped a few silicone sex doll manufacturers from creating such dolls though. The UK and the rest of the world now see that a high volume of these illegal sized dolls is being stopped at customs. When being imported criminal convictions implemented where needed for the importer who is usually a pedophile anyway.

But that’s enough about that subject. Let us move back onto the silicone sex doll world. Sex doll customization possibilities endless and allows the user to create a silicone sex doll that is perfect for them. See more information on illegal sex dolls here

Rounding up Silicone sex dolls

Purchasing sex dolls has now become much more of an easy thing to do now. The ability to purchase a silicone sex doll over the internet giving the customer complete animosity when placing an order for silicone sex doll online. Online silicone sex doll websites such as Dollicious provide premium silicone sex dolls. These sex dolls are selected specifically for there overall build quality and high quality realistic lifelike features. Silicone sex dolls are ever becoming more and more popular. Customer purchasing exceeded 10 million in revenue from silicone sex dolls alone in 2017. So get ready to invest around £2,000 for your new silicone sex doll as the future really is in the sex dolls. Shop silicone sex dolls