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Rise of the Silicone Sex Doll

Rise of the Silicone Sex Doll

2018 the rise of the Silicone Sex Doll

AI sex doll head femaleThe ever-expanding sex product market has seen a huge rise in sales over the years with male and female sex toys becoming more and more popular. 2018 will see an even bigger rise in the male sex toy segment with the rise of the silicone sex doll. Silicone sex dolls are going to revolutionize the way that we as a nation see sex. Virtual reality and the rise of social media and apps see a shift in peoples likes and dislikes. This, in turn, changes the perceptions of people so now that sex dolls are a thing more and more people are waking up to the fact that one day instead of a real woman, they may be sleeping next to a silicone sex doll instead.

Silicone Sex Doll History

The rise of the silicone sex doll started in China where the first sex dolls experimented, with the Chinese being the first to mold a silicone-like female body that replicates every human feature. The first silicone sex dolls were nothing like the ones we see today, they were simply made out of silicone the material that gives that fleshy appearance and that soft skin touch. Developments went on and in 2014 the aluminum skeleton for the sex dolls was created. The aluminum frame allowed for the female sex dolls to stand up, positioned and played with just like a real woman. The rise of the silicone sex doll presented the world with a new challenge, ethics, and social morality.

Sex Doll Benefits

above is an elf ear silicone sex doll
Elf ear silicone sex doll new for 2018 premium silicone

Sex dolls have the ability to give someone a friend not for just sexual reasons but for more than just that. Owners of sex dolls feel more than just a connection, sometimes love. Benefits of owning a sex doll can sometimes out weight the positives of having a girlfriend or wife. Sex dolls never talk back or even talk although in the future with the ever-expanding AI possibilities, engineers are working on advanced sex doll features such as facial expressions, personality, and voice. In the future, if these advanced features are implemented into a sex doll then we may see a shift that we have never seen before.

So making love to a sex doll is a passionate experience you can dress your sex doll in whatever sex clothing you like. When engaging in sexual activity with your sex doll you have the freedom to act out any scenario you wish. Sex dolls in 2018 don’t answer back or have any type of response, they are not 100% human.

Making love to your sex doll

When engaging in sexual activity with your silicone sex doll you can place her in any sex position you like. Popular sex positions for love dolls are Doggy, Cowgirl, and Missionary according to the men’s sexual wellness magazine for millennials.  But as you own the sex doll you can choose your favorite sex position. Check out sex positions if you need some guidance when making love to your sex doll. Remeber when owning your love sex doll that cleanliness is very important and cleaning you sex doll is highly recommended to ensure that the realistic silicone in the sex doll is kept at its best.

Always use warm water and no abrasives to clean your sex doll and always use sex safe lubrication to lubricate all holes on your new sex doll. As you have paid a lot of money for a sex doll make sure you look after him or her as in the long run you will benefit and your sex doll will be in a pristine condition so that you can use her repeatedly without the need to send the doll for repairs. In 2018 the rise of the sex doll will overcome these challenges so don’t worry your doll will be looking good for years to come!

Realistic Sex Dolls Vs. AI Sex Dolls

Can realistic sex dolls replace the real thing? is the rise of the sex doll in 2018 going to see further developments? AI sex dolls are becoming more advanced with sex robots being experimented on, will we see men fall for AI sex dolls as opposed to real women. These are very important questions to be asking as humanity has a natural desire to be sexually orientated to the opposite sex, can a sex doll really compete with a female?

Channel 4 released a documentary in 2017 on AI sex dolls that have advanced artificial intelligence built in that gives the doll a more female human touch. AI sex dolls can now speak move their face close and open their eyes, in 2018 with the rise of the AI sex doll will we see them walk. For most this is an exciting development in the sex dolls world. Below is a youtube video of ‘the sex robots are coming’ giving you an inside look at the future of AI sex dolls and the developments of realistic sex dolls.

The features trailer video below can be watched in full here, AI sex doll documentary

Silicone Sex Doll Variations

Realistic silicone sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes all complete with different looks and assets exactly like a real female body. In 2018 silicone sex dolls at Dollicious who are a premium supplier of sex dolls improved their silicone manufacturing process to get a realistic silicone skin like feel. This type of silicone is now featured on all of the Dollicious sex dolls. Sex doll variations can be customized to, however, the customer likes it.

Sex dolls customizations

  • Eye colour
  • Skin colour
  • Doll height
  • Breast size
  • Ass size
  • Toe nail colour
  • Heated vagina
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Nose

Customizing a realistic sex doll really gives the customer endless choice allowing them to recreate their perfect female. There really are no limits when designing a custom sex doll. Custom sex dolls are definitely becoming more popular customers love to create their own sexual fantasies so using silicone to create the perfect female sex doll is the way forward. In the near future, the ability to further customize your sex doll with AI intelligent features will be a must. Customers will be able to choose facial expressions, interact with their sex doll on a more personal scale, have conversations with their sex doll. AI configurations for sex dolls will be the biggest switch in the future as currently realistic silicone sex dolls have no personality except for the physical attributes such as hair, breasts face and ass size. Never the less sex dolls now are still very popular and will continue to grow around the world as more and more people are made aware that silicone sex dolls are the latest sexual male masturbation toy to have in your bedroom.

sex doll skeleton frame internal core

The internal working of a sex doll. The skeleton of a sex doll features aluminum core as shown in the above picture. The skeleton of the sex doll is lightweight yet robust. Joins that make up the sex doll skeleton are on a 360 ball allowing for the doll to be positioned in various ways. Once the core skeleton of the love doll is created the next process is for the sex doll to go through to silicone molding. The process of molding the silicone doll is to allow for the outer visual look and feel of the love doll to be created. Silicone is heavy so these sex dolls can weigh from 25gk all the way up to 46kg including the internal aluminum frame.


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Silicone Sex Doll Community

Silicone Sex Doll Community

Silicone Sex Doll Forums

The ever-expanding community of silicone sex dolls is always expanding. Silicone sex doll forums have been popping up everywhere, some of these silicone sex doll forums have amassed a total member count of 50,000. These sex doll forums provide users with sex doll content, the ability to discuss sex dolls and user reviews on their own personal sex doll experiences. We see that these types of sex doll forums are ever more popular and now that members on these sex doll forums are reaching in excess of 50,000 it shows that sex dolls, in general, are really making an ever more popular presence amongst the general public.

What do Dollicious Sex Dolls think?

We are all for sharing information on sex doll forums! We actually promote some of our best premium silicone sex dolls on forums so members get first access to see our latest premium dolls. They love it and so do we! We love customer feedback and one of the best ways to gather feedback on our sex dolls is to see what other members say on forums. We regularly check sex doll forums to see what our customers think and respond to them when needed. We only expect the best reviews from the online sex doll community that’s why we will in the future be making our own sex doll forum so that you guys can check out all of the interesting developments that focus around silicone sex dolls.


In the news DailyMail: Inside the Sex Doll Factory

In the news DailyMail: Inside the Sex Doll Factory

Inside the Sex Doll Factory

Inside the Dollicious factory – as reported in the news article by the Dailymail online. Realistic sex dolls are about to get even more realistic as developers in China have developed new silicone technology and ‘realistic’ lifelike sex doll features. Read more information on the ever-expanding world of the online sex dolls progress. You never know, maybe the sex dolls will start walking, talking and even one day thinking, you just never know.

Asked: Can we fall in love with Sex Dolls?

BBC new reported on the effects of sex dolls and whether or not a person can fall in love with their own personal sex doll. We think that it really is customers personal preferences if they want to fall in love with their Dollicious sex dolls but we leave that up to them. We should ask the question though, you can fall in love with anything – what’s the difference between falling in love with a realistic sex doll and falling in love with an alternative sex toy? Many say that love has a deep spiritual connection between two partners, but really? Nowadays falling in love varies just like gender and we should really be accepting it. Below we have added a video from the BBC with a snippet from the realistic sex doll documentary.


Read the article

Dollicious Sex Dolls

What is a Dollicious Sex Doll?

What is a Dollicious Sex Doll?

What is a Dollicious Sex Doll?

Dollicious sex dolls, the new era of male sex toys – realistic sex dolls for men are made from TPE silicone a super soft material that feels just like real skin and absorbs heat to give that real warm body to body skin contact feeling. TPE silicone is also very hard-wearing meaning that it can withstand a lot of pressure and knocks giving it the perfect all-round use for adult sex dolls. The main frame inside of the doll is a strong yet lightweight metal aluminum alloy construction with flexible joints like a human skeleton allowing for the user to place their doll in a sex position they wish without the sex doll falling under pressure. Each Dollicious sex doll comes in a variety of heights from 100cm all the way up to 165cm, the height of our sex dolls is only the beginning as they have more customisable features such as hair colour, face, eye colour, skin tone, nail colour, waist size, breast size and a whole lot more. Each sex doll comes with a wig that can be changed to your preference, so you can have long hair, short hair or curly hair it’s totally upto you. Breasts feel so real to touch and feel exactly like a real females breast, our sex dolls have a variety of different breasts available perfect for those who like them big or small. The ability to customize a Dollicious sex doll is endless and there are many various ways in which to customise your adult sex doll. The Dollicious sex doll website where you can order and configure your new sex doll is the best place to find your next desired sexual doll.

Realistic Sex Doll

The UK’s NEW Adult Sex Doll

The UK’s NEW Adult Sex Doll

The Adult Sex Doll Has Landed!

Adult Sex Doll is now becoming a huge part of the adult sex toy industry right here in the UK where it has exploded ever since its launch in 2016. Men are now looking to replace their own girlfriends and wives with this new adult sex toy for men and it looks like there is no stopping them! Over the 2 year period sales for adult sex dolls has increased massively up to 30% in the UK alone with Germany becoming ever more popular and Europe following suit it has never been a better time to familiarise yourself with the silicone TPE female sex doll that provides the realistic sexual experience every man needs without the moaning and nagging from a real girlfriend. Some say its emotionless love, but others say that it has improved their sex lives beyond belief! That being said we here at Dollicious love to hear what all of our customers say and take onboard all of their comments and questions when it comes to our adult sex doll range.

Find out where you can buy your next sex doll today and make your dreams come true with our most realistic adult sex doll ever made. Silicone TPE adult sex doll, the most amazing sexual experience with a doll you will ever have! Every customer that has brought a sex doll has come back for another sex doll making themselves a rather beautiful collection of sex dolls all with different names and personalities that they have given them.