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We are the premium supplier of full sized adult silicone sex dolls. We provide realistic adult sex dolls to you via our online adult sex doll shop. Here at Dollicious we only stock the best premium adult sex dolls, picked for their superior quality silicone only the best silicone allows for the most realistic sex doll skin feeling. Our adult sex doll collection shows off the best sex dolls available. Our adult silicone sex dolls come in a variety of different skin colours, facial features, breast size and ass size. We at Dollicious sex dolls love what we do! That's why we are the UK's #1 sex doll supplier online.

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Dollicious sex dolls provide realistic silicone sex dolls to the UK customer. We currently have the largest range of realistic sex dolls, we have all types of sex dolls from small sex dolls to large sex dolls with variations in breast size, waist size and ass size to suite your specific needs when purchasing your realistic sex doll. All of our realistic sex dolls are s elected for their premium silicone properties giving the user a satisfying sexual experience each and every time whilst using a realistic sex doll. We do not sell cheap quality sex dolls at Dollicious sex dolls, we only sell the highest quality premium silicone sex dolls on the market to date. All of our adult sex dolls look and feel just like a real woman giving the user maximum sexual pleasure. All of our realistic sex dolls have an internal aluminium skeleton in built complete with swivel joints that lock in place so that you the user can place your realistic sex doll in any sexual position that your sexual desires wish. Each realistic sex doll comes complete with certain accessories when you buy your new adult sex doll, allowing for you to use your new sex doll whatever way you may wish straight out of the box. Our realistic silicone sex dolls provide the user with the very best sexual experience and allows for full masturbation whether you want to use her for oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex all of our realistic sex dolls come complete with three penetrative holes that are all perfectly tight just like a real females vagina, anus or mouth. Adult sex dolls are becoming more realistic every year, that's why we only supply our customers with the most realistic sex dolls available. Keep upto date with the latest realistic sex doll news and information here in our Dollicious sex doll blog